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North American Handico  was incorporated as a non profit organization in Oct 2005.  We employ individuals with either physical or emotional disabilities.

The purpose of the company is to give individuals an opportunity to build there own future in a setting that helps them succeed and grow as a person.  We offer both full and part time positions to work with a individuals needs.

To often communities want to help the disabled by either giving donations or other forms of charity.  We believe that individuals gain more confidence and self worth by having a job that they can go to and earn a living.  We train our employees in customer service and we require basic skills of reading and communication to have a job with our company.  Employees are seldom let go once they are hired.  We  believe that there is a place for most everyone in our company. 

The team building we work toward is to help each other out and try to learn from everyone in the office.  Everyone has value and  can bring something new and positive to the work force. 

We try to provide a work environment that is fun and enjoyable for everyone.  The sales reps are taught basic goal setting techniques but are not stressed with sales quotas and minimum goals.  Instead we try to promote positive attitudes with bonuses through out the day.

Every person employed earns a fair wage and bonuses depending on how they succeed on a daily basis.

We provide medical and vacation  pay for all full time employees.

We also promote group activities throughout the year to help with team building and an enjoyable work place.  Some of the things we have done in the past are to go on organized fishing trips and cookouts, and go to basketball games and even the circus.  We try to please most everyone and do things that we can agree to as a group.

We recognize that there are a lot of groups that misrepresent themselves and are not on the up and up.  We can only control ourselves and require that our workers are A.D.A qualified.  We also do all of our business  on what we call the HONOR SYSTEM.  This means that anyone one that is kind enough to place an order with one of our workers receives the products first and they have the opportunity to inspect their order first.  This way they can insure that the products are in good condition before they pay for it.

All we ask is that our customers send in our payments a week after receiving their orders.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company.